Victory to the UC Strikers! PDF Flyer

Revolutionary Anarchists

With word that the UC (University of California) strike called by service workers will continue - we have prepared this flyer in the hopes that people will print it out, distribute it, and post it up. Feel free to hand them out at school, on the picket lines, or in your town. Translations into Spanish and other languages are welcome.

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Why anarchism when the workers need a planned society.


I do recognize anarchism in nature and society, but ask why should we continue such disorganization when the answers are clearly that the workers need a workers state precisely to end the anarchy of production which is the Imperialist state. The bosses state was built on duping and exploiting (polluting) the masses of workers out of their labour creating wealth and their genetic health. The revolutionary anarchists ought before they call on the workers to fight the bosses as a strike, have a plan such as organic communes to which the workers can move immediately on to, if all else fails. What good is fighting to lose?? If the cause is just, as this one obviously for the immediate time is, then sure the connection should be made to fight the bosses, but if the workers have no place to retreat to (Co-ops etc.) in case of loss, it is harsh indeed for them to lose their living quarters and other things. So it seems that building a socialist connection would still be a good idea and practice, so victory can be assured. This leaflet has truth in it, the class war is what Bush has legalized while in office and indeed it is a war on the workers. Just that we need depth in our country city contradictions so that the workers can win. Bon Chance!!!

As for the main contradiction facing the worlds peoples today, it is the need to end the pollution wars going on at home and abroad, which would free up numerous trillions of dollars to the masses for the social programmes they need to live proper and just lives with ecological green balance and all the best living and working conditions and ways of happiness that we need. It is no accident that the workers are short paid. Bushco has robbed the public treasury and gave it to the military and rich executives. Creating a shortfall of the funds to make sure everyone has all necessities of life. He did that to make sure that his aggressive wars for control of the worlds' oil markets would be won in the favour of the richest elites in the American ruling circles. That is a war on the workers, and short of winning the workers state it is indeed only a bet that they can win a battle for a few more crumbs from their overfilled tables. Nevertheless the cause is just to strike, and keep trying till victory on all fronts takes place.