Just another day in San Diego...

city heights resident

I woke up on Friday to the sound of a knocking on a window. I usually sleep with the window open, so it was a strange sound, coming through my window, of someone knocking on the neighbor's window. Since my neighbor's house is close to mine and they're usually noisy in the mornings, I just shut the window and rolled over.

But the knocking continued, and turned into a pounding. I couldn't sleep and became worried about what the loud pounding was. The person I share my bed with was worried too. We got up, and our housemates were awoken by the noise as well. We were all asking "what the hell is going on".

I looked out our bathroom window, which faces the neighbor's house. There was a man with a green bullet proof vest, a red tshirt, a baseball cap and some kind of gun in his hand standing near the corner of the house.

We got our camera and went out our front door, the 4 of us who were awakened by the noise. The man in the green vest was walking on the sidewalk in front of our house, holding his gun ready, which I could now see was a taser. He asked us where the neighbors usually park their car. We all shrug and say we don't know.

Now I see that there are three men, all in different clothes, one in blue and one in plaid, all wearing vests with different fonts on the back that say POLICE U.S. Marshall. I wonder if they're from an army surplus store. They have some realistic looking items there.

The three men proceed to walk around the house, banging on it. We take some photos. What else can be done? Who are these men harassing our neighbors with guns drawn? US Marshalls usually accompany feds like the FBI and FCC, but here they're alone. Probably enforcing a warrant of some kind. They have parked their cars on the corner and in a neighbor's driveway haphazardly to begin their game of soldier with real stakes in our neighborhood.

A few minutes later they leave. When I get home from work, my housemates tell me that they came back later in the day and took a man from our neighbor's house. They left his child though, and apparently his young wife. Who knows what will become of them. What more could we have done to help? Who's next?

their car on the corner

normal plates, not federal or cop plates