Facing Poverty At UC

Facing Poverty At UC

Facing Poverty At UC
a film by
K. A. Christensen
Regan Brashear
(UCSC Alumna)

cinematography by
K. A. Christensen

edited by
Regan Brashear

music composed &
performed by
Shaw Pong Liu
(UCB Alumna)

sound mixing by
Sarah Yahm
(UCSC Alumna)

(in order of appearance)

Leonor Orozco
Venus Orozco
Leland Yee (UCB Alumnus)
Jenny Chung (UCLA Alumna)
Jaron Quetal
Louise Hendrickson (UCR Alumna)
Rosa Tapia de Cruz
Miguel Pinto
Maria Pinto
Jose de Jesus
Elizabeth Pizano

Thank you to the families who welcomed us into their homes.

FacingPovertyAtUC [at] gmail.com

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