new collective just north of sd county

ken ( sxeken [at] )

new collective started in temecula/murrieta area, which is a little under half an hour north of escondido. looking for help
we are the anarcat collective, a group of mostly student aged activists who are new but cant wait for somebody to show us how to organize and make positive change in our communities. we do food not bombs twice a month and bike rides, we're looking to network with groups in the area for coordinated actions and help with outreach. se habla spanglish

San Diego anarchists...?


San Diego anarchists...?
by former SD resident
Thursday Jul 10th, 2008 10:35 AM
(1) SD + anarchy--
raises memories of IWW Free speech fight;
"invasion" of US from Tijuana by leftist Yank and Mecican rebels together; etc.
(2) North of Escondido?
How far are you from
the Wild Animal PARK
(branch of SD Zoo)????
If nearby,
perhaps you cd link up
with greens or
animal-rights groups,
they do demos


we're in riverside county
by ken
Friday Jul 11th, 2008 8:42 PM
oh we're still quite a ways north of there, but we make trips