Introducing Escondidians for Social Justice!


Escondidians for Social Justice is a new group formed in Escondido to work on social justice issues!
As residents of Escondido, a city rich in culture and history, we can look longer sit and watch the injustices that are being committed on behalf of the Escondido City Council and the Minutemen groups. Our city has always been a diverse and great place to raise our families. We acknowledge that our demographics have changed in recent years, but this is no excuse to treat anyone different or accuse them of being criminals just because our immigration laws do not allow them to live here. We are also disheartened by the hardships that the Escondido City Council has placed on small businesses. We do not want Escondido to be another Rancho Bernardo; we want our city back. A city that welcomes everyone who lives and visits here.

We want Escondido to be a safe and happy place to live. If you agree that we need social change in this city, please join us. Support our cause for a better future for Escondidians.

Escondidians for Social Justice
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