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NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War

"We knew keeping the windows in the warehouse was a bargaining chip."

NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War
NYCLAW Antiwar Digest
December 13, 2008

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Right-Wing Columnist Max Boot: Yes to Obama
I am gobsmacked by these appointments, most of which could just as easily have come from a President McCain.

Change Has Rarely Looked So Much Like Continuity.
Mr. Bush wants U.S. troops to "return on success" in Iraq -- so does Mr. Obama. Mr. Bush supports a buildup in Afghanistan -- so does Mr. Obama. Mr. Bush wants a larger military -- so does Mr. Obama. Mr. Bush has launched raids against al Qaeda into the tribal areas of Pakistan -- Mr. Obama wants to do the same. Mr. Bush wants to close Guantanamo Bay, but has been bedeviled by the difficult choices inherent in its shuttering.

Is the Antiwar Movement AWOL?
What has escaped public notice is the almost complete disappearance of the peace movement and its absorption into the pro-war Democratic Party electoral machine of President-Elect Barack Obama.

What Would MLK Have Done?
Is this the "change" tens of millions voted for?. . . . Not change, and certainly not the legacy of Dr. King, whose mantle Barack Obama dons at every opportune moment.

The "Wait 'Til He Gets In" Delusion
For real and genuinely progressive recovery to occur, however, popular agency on the model of the recent factory occupation at Chicago's Republic Door and Window plant will be required, as in previous periods of reform.


AWOL US Soldier Seeks Asylum in Germany
[T]he Nuremberg trials were based here in Germany in 1948, about sixty years ago, where they say that everybody, including soldiers, would -- you know, must take responsibility for all of their actions. . . . So I think that it would be best for me to apply for asylum in Germany, as well, because of the actual stance and the historical precedents that have been set, you know, in this land.


Republic Workers Won By Flexing Muscle
"We knew keeping the windows in the warehouse was a bargaining chip."

After 15 Years, North Carolina Plant Unionizes
"People wanted fair treatment. We fought so long to get this, and it finally happened."

Government Bailout Hits $8.5 Trillion
That sum represents almost 60 percent of the nation's estimated gross domestic product.

Hypocrisy in Demands For Autoworker Givebacks
"They never ask about banker salaries. . . . They never asked they give money back.",0,4584253.story

Ron Carey, Who Led Teamsters Reforms, Dies at 72
In 1997, in the biggest strike in more than a decade, he led a 15-day walkout against U.P.S., generating huge public support for the union. When the Teamsters emerged victorious, many union leaders hailed Mr. Carey as having turned around labor's sagging fortunes.


Silent Winter of Escalation
[T]he silence now enveloping the political non-response to plans for the Afghanistan war is a message of acquiescence that echoes what happened when the escalation of the Vietnam War gathered momentum.

U.S. Forces "Mistakenly" Kill 6 Police
But the deputy police chief of Qalat District said the police officers had been in a police station when they came under American fire, which destroyed the building.

U.S. Silent as Ally Covers-Up 2001 Murder of 2000 Prisoners
[T]he United Nations and the United States have been silent about the destruction of evidence of Dostum's alleged war crimes.


U.S. General: Forget SOFA -- We're Going Nowhere
"We believe that's part of our transition teams."

Fallujah Offensive Leaves Scars
"Hundreds of people are still reported to be missing and we know nothing about their fate. Are they in US prisons or are their bodies under he rubble of destroyed houses?"

Now It Can Be Told
Declassified U.S. government documents show that while Saddam Hussein was gassing Iraqi Kurds, the U.S. opposed punishing Iraq with a trade embargo because it was cultivating Iraq as an ally against Iran and as a market for U.S. farm exports.


Solidarity, Not Charity, For the People of Gaza
Though we carried in a ton of medical supplies and high-protein baby formula on our ship, our mission in Gaza this International Human Rights Day is not to provide charity. It is an act of direct resistance against the siege and a demonstration of our solidarity with the people of Palestine, break the silence of the world over this continuing calamity and physically break the blockade of Gaza.

Holocaust Lesson #1
The Holocaust lesson that I learned at school is that we are obliged not to wait until things are as bad as Auschwitz before we speak out and act.

In Jerusalem, Evicted Widow Claiming Right of Return
"It is not just my right. It is the right of all Palestinians."

What Does "Two-State Solution" Really Mean?
Dividing historic Palestine (from the River to the Sea) into a Jewish and a Palestinian state fits right in to the pattern of social control by divide-and-rule along ethnic lines that American and other elites have used in other parts of the world.

Somerville/Cambridge Vote For Equality Between Jews and Non-Jews Inside Israel
What drives the Zionists crazy is that the SDP has successfully framed the debate about Israel as a question of being for or against the principle of equality.


U.S. Arming African Regimes
Green Berets are training African armies.


Tortured Detainees "Offer" to "Confess"
"It is absurd to accept a guilty plea from people who were tortured and waterboarded."


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