Nov 13-18 earthquake military drills in So Cal


Check many joint military, FEMA, FBI, Blackwater, police, local drills for martial law under guise of earthquake response training in and around San Diego and Southern California. Similar drills were used for same location, dates, scenario as what was labeled terrorist attacks for Oklahoma City, 9-11 NYC and Washington, DC, London bombings, Madrid bombings, etc. Check weapons that cause earthquakes and leave patterns atypical of natural earthquakes.
Be alert, informed, prepared. Avoid excuses for violence, imprisonment, show trial, blame. Don't let them manipulate you with fear or with denial/escapism. Nation on red alert for Dick Cheney having excuse for martial law or excuse for more power, and practice for crowd control, etc. Check out for NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense);
TOPOFF 4 or TopOff IV
FEMA Rex 84 Program to quickly round up and imprison thousands of civilians, Garden Plot is the program to control the population. Cable Splicer is the
program for an orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the
federal government under FEMA as militarized police state with martial law., transport to FEMA concentration camps, and use of FEMA prisoner death box cars wtih three tiers/floors and shackles with guillotines.
US Department of Defense Civil Disturbance Plan 55-2 “Operation Garden Plot” and “Cable Spicer”, continuity of government under attack or economic crisis or civilian revolt, and Army Control of Operations Program;
NorthCom’s “Vigilant Shield ‘09” for Nov. 11, 2008, and “Ardent Safety”;
JFCOM (US Joint Forces Command) “Unified Endeavor”;
Eucom “Flexible Leader” and “Sharp Focus”;
PACOM “Terminal Fury” and “Talisman Saber” and “Keen Edge”;
SouthCom “Blue Advance” and “Furerez alidas panamax”;
USStratcom (US Strategic Command) “Global Lightning” and “Global Thunder”;
Centcom “Bright Star” and “Internal Look”;
SoCom “Able Warrior”;
Transcom “Turbo Distribution”.

Re: Nov 13-18 earthquake military drills in So Cal


Completely understand you are Anti-War but people are training to 'rescue' you, your family members and friends from any disaster which may occur in the United States at a faster response rate. Their goal is not to control you but to Find you and Rescue you; if they can't find you underneath a collapsed building they can't rescue you, your family and your friends. The Government (including all those listed) are expecting more out of themselves every day and work 24/7 to try to figure out how to save lives faster ... their goal is not always death. You can be part of the ongoing efforts by getting involved in your local citizen corps ... to know how to save lives. Obviously we are all entitled to our own point of view ... but i would ask you to look through to the other side and consider ... that people might be trying to do the right thing.