Tacoma: Wells Fargo Attacked


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communique from anarchists
wells fargo attacked in tacoma

author: anonymous

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some time last night wells fargo was attacked from two sides and had many of their windows smashed. the message "stop prisons" was spray painted on one side of the building. this was done due to wells fargo being one of the top share holders of geo group. geo group is responsible for the operations of many prisons, juvenile detention centers, and immigration detention centers. including one in guantanamo bay, Cuba. geo group operates the I.C.E detention center in tacoma, washington. this detention center imprisons up to 1000 people any given day and has locked people their, away from their families and friends, often times far exceeding 3 years. this action is in solidarity with all struggle against deportation and the displacement of human beings internationally. this is in solidarity with the similar attacks on wells fargo in portland, oregon. this is just one way of many to resist these institutions that wish to control our freedom to move. obviously this is not the only way. as more walls go up, as more detention centers are built, resistance of all sorts will be needed in defeating these monsters.

for a world with no borders!
for a world with no walls!
for a world with no prisons!
for a world absent of exploitation!
for a world of life!
for anarchy!