San Diego Indymedia Rocks Border Region by Going Online


After four years of relying on Indybay (thanks Indybay!) for posting, San Diego Indymedia shook the very foundation of the crumbling establishment of the aging city by putting a new bilingual, multi-dimensional web site online on Saturday. The site includes twenty-first century versions of the usual Indymedia news functions, open publishing, event posting, and features, as well as parallel versions of the web site that highlight community and music groups working on projects supporting or complimenting SDIMC's mission (will be live ~ mid-October). The site will soon include archives of all content going back to September, 2007, and eventually all content going back to the founding of the San Diego Indymedia web site in November, 2001 (but now available in a different format).

Despite being partially offline for years, San Diego Indymedia volunteers have remained active supporting web site design and hosting and documentary making for community groups, and hosted a media/tech booth and a radio show at the City Heights Farmers Market.

Volunteers with San Diego Indymedia maintain that an Indymedia Network is still needed, despite the proliferation of popular sites like F***book, Twi***r and others, because Indymedia can offer a noncoporate, noncommercial, community-oriented space that doesn't share information with the security apparatus. When asked to comment on the new site and the possibilities for the future, one SDIMC volunteer stated, "Get that f***ing camera out of my face, I'm exhausted."