All Nations Healing Through Music Festival - Peace + Dignity Journey Benefit


The Peace and Dignity Journeys are six month spiritual runs originating in Chickaloon, Central Alaska and Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, traveling through hundreds of Indigenous communities, and meeting in Panama. The goals include reuniting the Indigenous Peoples of the Western Hemisphere and healing the individual Indigenous communities by helping to reconnect these communities with their spiritual practices and traditions. One strand of the run will pass through San Diego in July, with the runners staying at Chicano Park.

Four members of the San Diego community will participate as core runners in 2008, three on the northern route leaving May 1 and one on the southern route, leaving April 1. Runners Gabriella and Arturo talked about the run and their past experiences in a video 18 min 46 sec 56 mbytes.

Gabrella - "We could just hear the drums from far away while we were running. We got closer, one of the songs we could hear was called the Warrior Women Song, of the Secwepmec Nation. We get there but there was all elder women with the drums, and I am used to seeing the brothers with the drums. It was so powerful - however late we get there, the community is anxious to receive us, they're excited and pumped up and singing for us... At the end, all the elder women on the fourth verse of the song, they held their fist up - we are one people, we are all united, we are all warriors."

Arturo - "I remember running with the main staff, it's called the Eagle Staff. Three o'clock in the morning, I wasn't prepared to run, I was just going to help with the food. One of the brothers, he put me on the spot, Jose, it's really dark, you couldn't see nothing, he said 'Who's Arturo?' ... He told me 'Look at that staff, that's the Eagle Staff, I want you to pick that up.' I was like -that's an honor dude. I went over and grabbed it in a good way. When someone really puts me out there like that, I humble myself, I really humble myself, because to grab something like that, it's a blessing to be a part of that."

All Nations Healing Through Music Festival - Peace + Dignity Journey Benefit
Saturday, March 22 6pm (doors open 5pm)
MAAC Charter School
1385 Third Avenue, Chula Vista
Red Warrior Drummers, Kumeyaay Bird Singers, Olmeca, Cihuatl-CE, War Club, Raiz Muzik, Guerrilla Queenz, Tierra Y Libertad, Indigenous Radio, DJ Poncho, MC Ras Pablo Aztlan

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