Peace and Dignity Journey Arrives in San Diego Wednesday


Runners on the northern coastal route of the Peace and Dignity Journeys will be arriving in San Diego at Chican@ Park in a program and ceremony starting at 5pm this Wednesday, July 23.

The run arrived in the San Diego region at the Cahuilla Reservation on Monday, will journey to the Pala Reservation on Tuesday, Chican@ Park Wednesday and Thursday, and to the Manzanita Reservation on Friday, stopping at or meeting with communities from many of San Diego County's 19 reservations along the way.

San Diego has contributed five core runners, those who will complete the entire journey. Please come out on Wednesday to support our compañer@s: Ymoat (Berta), Oscar, Gaby, Arturo and Abel.

Welcoming Program and Ceremony: Wed July 23 5pm Chican@ Park -- flyer

Interviews with San Diego Runners: Ymoat | Gaby and Arturo | Abel and Oscar

Peace and Dignity Journeys Website

Peace and Dignity Journeys is an intercontinental spiritual run, held every four years, that began in Alaska and Tierra del Fuego in May, is passing through hundreds of indigenous communities, and will meet at the Panama Canal in November. The goals of the journey include strengthening and sharing indigenous culture and uniting indigenous peoples -- thereby fulfilling the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. This year's journey is focused on honoring indigenous sacred sites, so many of which are threatened by development and resource exploitation, including San Francisco Peaks, Ward Valley, Black Mesa, Yucca Mountain and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.