The Eagle and The Condor: Peace and Dignity Journeys Benefit Concert


A concert will take place at the World Beat Center on Sat July 12 7PM -- a fundraiser and awarenessraiser for the Peace and Dignity Journeys. The funds raised will go to help support the runners, including five of our compañer@s from San Diego: Ymoat (Berta), Oscar, Gaby, Arturo and Abel.

The run is going to be arriving in the San Diego region on July 21 (Cahulla Reservation), and at Chican@ Park on July 23 5PM. On that day, a feeder run from the border will meet the runners between the World Beat and the Centro and then proceed together to Chican@ Park for a welcoming ceremony.

Benefit Flyer

Ymoat | Gaby and Arturo | Abel and Oscar

Peace and Dignity Journeys Website

Peace and Dignity Journeys is a run from Alaska and Tierra del Fuego, meeting in Panama, to strengthen indigenous culture and unite indigenous communities. It has particular significance in the borderlands where indigenous people have been divided by arbitrary boundaries.