Peace and Dignity Journeys 2008 Benefit Concert


The Peace and Dignity Journeys are six month spiritual runs originating in Chickaloon, Central Alaska and Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, traveling through hundreds of Indigenous communities, and meeting in Panama. The goals include reuniting the Indigenous Peoples of the Western Hemisphere and healing the individual Indigenous communities by helping to reconnect these communities with their spiritual practices and traditions. One strand of the run will pass through San Diego in July, with the runners staying at Chicano Park.

Peace and Dignity Journeys Benefit Concert
Cultura Profetica (Puerto Rico) Alika (Argentina) and Quinto Sol (East LA)
Wednesday February 20 8PM
World Beat Cultural Center 2100 Park Blvd Balboa Park
$12 Adv $15 Door ALL AGES

Video: Ymoat | Benefit Flyer | March Events Flyer | Peace and Dignity Journeys Website

A series of events in March will treat different aspects of the Peace and Dignity Journeys from the perspective of San Diego Indigenous communities and participants. According to San Diego Runner Berta, "This run is the representation of everything that is around me, all the love, all the struggles that have been happening, all the sacrifices that people have been making... I can take the time off to be able to pray with them, to carry this prayer of so many years, of all this exploitation, all this pain. To be able to take this prayer all the way down to Panama, to carry their prayer, that is the least thing I can do. It is a very beautiful thing, I feel extremely blessed to be able to that."