Daryll Issa For Sale You Decide


While Mr Issa's office is not for sale, recent findings show that donations are accepted.

A peaceful crowd of over two hundred showed up at Darryl Issa's Office in Vista, California. The crowd of people came from various organizations in San Diego County, to send a clear message to Mr. Issa. The message that could be heard as I walked thru the crowd was that we need to put Main St. before Wall ST.

Darrell Issa is dirty and getting dirtier
According to his filings, Mr. Issa’s minimum wealth doubled in the last year, and he appears flush with cash: he bought dozens of mutual funds in 2010 worth as much as $80 million, managed by Wall Street powerhouses, without selling off any securities. ...NYT

Do not overlook the work of the New York Times' investigative reporter, Eric Lichtblau, most recently in a long, hard look into the life and times of Darrell Issa, north San Diego representative. We glom onto Wieners and other sexually unleashed members of Congress even as we're way to quick to rush past the real corruption, the stuff which slowly demolishes democracy.

Daryll Issa For Sale

What floor is the special interest bank on? Perhaps the Census Bureau could start keeping track of who makes donations and what

Daryll Issa For Sale

Protesters Have Issa's office Surrounded Chants coming from the crowd Issa please step away from the cash.

Issa helping Main St. or Wall St. People on Main St. are starting to ask Mr Issa just how involved with Wall St is he.