a young Riled Up member of the 99% reads the current Demands from the OccupyWallStreet Movement

the Reverend Mama Kia

This young citizen happens to be a very smart child who has been discussing the issues of the Occupy Wall Street Movement and has reached a decent grasp of the concepts laid out in this document, http://occupywallst.org/forum/professionally-revised-doctrine/

This citizen is a year ahead in school, reads above the 12th grade level, speaks a handful of languages, studies science & history in his spare time as a hobby and counts the Daily Show & Colbert Report among his "must see" TV shows. He was the only child at a local event last summer where Richard Dreyfuss spoke about his initiative http://www.thedreyfussinitiative.org/ and this child asked what he as a young American could do. Richard Dreyfuss told him to "Rile up the world." This child took it to heart.

The young citizen reading in this video has learned the hard way how little the government and its agencies really will do for him and his family. They have been homeless due to domestic violence. He has seen a judge discount his hand written plea in a domestic violence restraining order hearing because he did not know to write "under penalty of perjury." He has seen the systems fail him in his few short years.

His single mother will not let him march or camp out, but she is assisting with the organization for OccupySD. Helping him to understand the current "demands" and sharing them was their compromise of how he could show his support.

To the critics who think that "using children, who surely don't understand these things, to make political statements is a bit like indoctrinating them into religious faith by baptizing them as babies" -- Peter Yarrow's daughter, Bethany, told the crowds yesterday at Wall Street how she was 14 when she was first arrested for protesting. Two 12 year olds were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge. Who can truly conceive of the number of children who are among the 99%. This young citizen understands a lot of this more than a great deal of adults do.

He made the choice to get involved as he could. He has been baptized by fire, not by choice. As he is involved in discussions and explanations about what is happening at this historic moment, then what is it other than educating the next generation?

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