U.S. Election 2012: Alexander says Occupy Wall Street is a workers revolution

Lynn Lomibao

Stewart Alexander for President

Occupy Wall Street is an ongoing demonstration and protest in New York City that has quickly evolved into protests across America, protesting against social and economic inequity, corporate greed and the influence of corporate money in government. It is difficult to determine the scope of the movement, it is growing exponentially; however, Presidential Candidate Stewart Alexander says Occupy Wall Street is the beginning of a workers revolution.

In 2007 and 2008, candidate Barack Obama promised the American working class hope and change. Stewart Alexander says “The hopes on Wall Street were fulfilled and working people got a change for the worse; now working people are going to the streets and demanding good paying jobs, affordable housing, affordable education, guaranteed health care, and demanding an end to corporate welfare and greed.”

According to an article written by Mark Engler, How #Occupy Wall Street Is Evolving and Gaining Power, “What started as a few hundred activist gathering for a protest on Wall Street, and a few dozen having the resolve to extend their demonstration by camping out in Manhattan’s financial district, has become something much bigger. It has become the embodiment of longstanding progressive hopes that Americans who have been hit hard by the economic crisis – those left jobless, in debt, under-employed, foreclosed, or insecure – would finally get mad enough to publicly vent their outrage at the oligarchs who have for too long perverted our democratic politics and created gross inequality in our country.”

There are more than a dozen 2012 presidential candidates that have announced their candidacy, and Stewart Alexander is the only presidential candidate that has spoken in support of the Occupy Wall Street protests. President Obama has acknowledged the protests; however, the president is in a difficult position to address the concerns of this workers movement considering that his administration, along with the Democrats and Republicans in Washington are totally beholden to Wall Street and big banks.

In an article written by Stephen Lendman, Wall Street Runs America, “Major Wall Street banks occupy and control Washington. They recycle their officials in and out, make policy, and enforce it with money power supremacy for virtually everything they want. Political Washington salutes and obeys.”

Hundreds of thousands have joined the Occupy Wall Street protest nationwide; the protesters are Democrats, Independents, Republicans, Libertarians, Socialists, Greens, communists, the unemployed, students, veterans, seniors, the handicap, and LBGTs; and what they all have in common, they are working people, fed up with a political system that favors the super rich on the backs of working people.

As a 2012 presidential candidate, Stewart Alexander says it is time for revolutionary change; “the Occupy Wall Street protesters are demanding nothing less.” Alexander, along with the Socialist Party USA, the Peace and Freedom Party and millions of socialists nationwide, are calling for a radical transformation of society from capitalism to socialism; their demands are a challenge to the basic assumption of a capitalist market economy.

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