We are the 99%! Occupy San Diego Begins


With chants of 'We got sold out, banks got bailed out,' 'We are the 99%,' and 'Hey hey ho ho corporate greed has got to go,' Occupy San Diego began its indefinite occupation of downtown San Diego on Friday with a round trip march with nearly 2000 participants between Children's Park and the Civic Center Plaza. A later smaller march moved randomly through the downtown/gaslamp area. About two hundred folks camped in Children's Park last night.

The corporate media extensively covered the event, but more notable was the presence of many hundreds of marchers/street journalists with still cameras, camcorders and cell phones recording the event and conducting interviews. The cops were selling themselves as facilitators of free speech; except for one incident where a motorcycle cop drove rapidly through a group of marchers, they mostly did not harass the participants.

Occupy San DIego was formed in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, a movement against the greed and corruption of the wealthiest 1% inspired by the ongoing Arab Rebellions and the occupation movements in Europe over the past decade. Occupy San Diego will be marching from Children's Park to the Civic Center Plaza, the site of its indefinite occupation, on Saturday starting at 4pm.

San Diego has a long history of occupation and struggle over public space, dating back to the Free Speech Fight of 1912 (Part One | Part Two) and more recently: the Oaxaca Solidarity Camp in front of the Mexican Consulate, the No Borders Camp east of Mexicali/Calexico, and Reclaim the Streets Actions in 2005 (J20) and 2007

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Re: We are the 99%! Occupy San Diego Begins


Interactive performance art at the first night of Occupy San Diego in Childrens' Park