Voices from the Occupation [Dispatch x01]


Voices from the Occupation [Dispatch x01]

For this dispatch from the occupation of Children's Park in downtown San Diego we hear from Julie, a volunteer with Canvas for a Cause, who was about to light her candle for the start of the vigil for those effected negatively by the current economic crisis.

"Our government has been doing some terrible things, corporations have been doing some really terrible things to the common people," said Julie.

As someone who describes herself as part of the "working class", Julie believes that imposing heavier tariffs on imported goods, from countries supplying cheap goods to Americans, would allow the domestic economy to grow. While standing in solidarity with her fellow activists, she suggests that some of the demands are nothing more than "wishful thinking". Such as, raising the national minimum wage to $20 per hour.

Occupy San Diego is part of the national Occupy Wall Street campaign that has seen occupations spread to over a dozen major cities in the United States. President Obama commented that this nationwide protest is a "broad-based frustration about how our financial system works". Julie sees this campaign as the formative stages of a new social movement.

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