Occupy San Diego Occupies Civic Center Plaza

sd indymedia volunteer

Occupy San Diego has settled in for a prolonged occupation at the Civic Center Plaza and has begun using the occupation as a base of operations for community-buiding, education, outreach, media- and propaganda-making and actions in the downtown area.

On Saturday, Occupy San Diego moved from its temporary camp at Children's Park to the Civic Center in an energetic march of over five hundred folks. On Sunday, hundreds took a tour of greed as their march past the buildings of Wells Fargo and other particularly exploitive corporations snaked through downtown. A number of spontaneous marches, which some have termed "anarchist marches," have occurred as the occupanistas explore the revolutionary potential of an encampment in the heart of the one of the country's most exploitive and repressive cities.

Upon arriving at the Civic Center, Occupy San Diego learned that the cops were prohibiting camping on the tiles in front of the tall building at the north end of the plaza because of complaints from the property owner. Speakers at the open mic pointed out that to occupy means taking space beyond that which you are given, that the interests of one property owner pale in comparison to the interests of the 99%, and that the cops view their role as protecting the interests of the 1%, signaling a new chapter in the ongoing struggle over the extent to which the public can occupy public space in San Diego.

To participate in Occupy San Diego, head down to the Civic Center Plaza (check out suggestions for occupanistas). The daily General Assembly is scheduled for 7pm, with committee meetings at 6pm, but check out the Occupy San Diego web site for details and updates.

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