Occupy San Diego Voices - Vids One and Two

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here is what Kalya and Tory had to say about Occupy San Diego...

One: 8 minutes 15 seconds / 59 Mbytes
"Because of this corporate greed that has been occurring for a long time a lot of veterans like myself are on a huge waiting list within the veterans administration in order to receive our benefits. There are at least 34,000 veterans who backed up. I submitted my claim in 2004 and I'm still waiting. And I'm because of budget cuts while they are increasing the budget to wage war. We of the 99% are suffering, which includes US veterans. The 1% includes these corporations such as Halliburton and its subsidiaries. They have too much influence within our government. So basically they set the policy."

"We want the world to wake up, not just this country, but the world to wake up and to say hey, we of the majority have been oppressed for so long, socially and economically. We want to see equity. We want to see justice. We want to see equality as well as not only compassion for the common people but also consideration for future generations. We are not only doing this for ourselves but for our children and our children's children."

"When we come and back and we are released from service, we are thrown away like so much flotsam and trash. Your usefulness to us has expired, so basically 'goodbye, so long, we'll give you a pat on the back and maybe a medal or two.'... This is the time we need to stand up and say 'hey, hear us, listen to us. We're here. We've served our countries. We've cried, we've bled, we've sweated back to back with our buddies in war zones...' Our experience does equal that of other people in the 99%... The IVAW, the Iraq Veterans Against the War is also about demanding reparations for the peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq and other areas that have been affected as a result of US actions. Tens of thousands of people have been killed as a result of so-called collateral damage."

Two: 4 minutes 58 seconds / 36 Mbytes
"The concept of the 99% is basically the working class, the middle class, the lower class, the majority of the country, the majority of what keeps this country running in many ways that the upper class just tends to forget because they are in their own world... The 99% means to me that we are breaking back of America, we should have a voice and we definitely deserve even more than a voice for how much we break our back for the country."

"I've only paid minimal attention to mainstream media, I just turn to Democracy Now and Indymedia to find out what is going on... I just pull out my phone and go - Democracy Now - ok, what's going on.

"I've started to realize more and more now living in the city and not living with my parents in suburbia, how much things really affect people and really affect the world and its really increased my awareness and increased my desire to contribute to the community and fight for what's right. Even for things that aren't affecting me, I still want to fight for those that it is affecting and help them out and give them the care that human beings deserve, especially the homeless."

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