Occupy North Park- Action at the BofA! 1pm Tuesday

10/10/2011 7:50 pm

Tuesday, October 11 · 1:00pm - 4:00pm

the sidewalk in front of Bank of America
31st & University Ave.
San Diego, California

Who- You! and anyone who doesn't want to camp out downtown, doesn't like large crowds, can't afford a bus pass, but still wants to do their part to save America!

What- Occupy North Park- help talk BofA victims into switching to a non-profit credit union. "Free Card Cutting Service" Stickers for the kids!

Why- To Defeat the Evil Power!

Where- the public sidewalk in front of the Bank of America at 31st and University Ave. in North Park.

When- 'till Victory!

Event Location: 
31st and University Ave.

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Can we have this filmed?? I've been thinking about this too, and this would be a great opportunity to bring awareness, participate in direct action, and potentially be a model for other Occupies.

Macro - Make a dent in 4th quarter profits for the big banks (JPMorgan Chase, CitiBank, BoA, Wells Fargo)
Micro - Move individual accounts to community banks/credit unions
Indirect - Create our own media outlet, encourage other occupies to stand in solidarity and remove $ from major banks, PR for Occupy SD and our "fight" against big banks.

There are 6,900 small, locally owned, community banks that controls $1.4 trillion in assets. These smaller banks have $257 billion loans to small businesses and farms. While the four mega banks have $5.4 trillion in assets, they only provide $85 billion to small business and farm loans (YES! Magazine). It's clear that smaller, locally owned banks are much more supportive of community based, local economies and a transition to these banks can help fund community oriented projects & businesses.

- Get 50-100 people (at least) to close their accounts at BoA (Alternative for people who do NOT want to close their accounts is to withdraw money - we need bodies!!)
- Have someone film and document this act. We can have volunteers interview the people in line and ask them why they are doing this? What is the purpose? etc.
- Filming this action allows us to visually share it via IndyMedia, Youtube, Facebook, etc. Hoping this action goes viral and other Occupies can participate at their local banks.
- Film people opening accounts at local banks and credit unions, having volunteers interview them: Why are you doing this? What's the point"
- By creating OUR own media for this direct action, we will be able to tell OUR story, without any bias perceptions from mass media.
- Unintended effects would be to bring awareness to BoA customers that are not already familiar with Occupy. Also, BoA customers can physically SEE our actions, instead of being told what to do - they can observe and begin to think for themselves (we hope...)

It might be naive to think we can make a dent in 4th quarter profits for this year...but if this thing snowballs, the same way Occupy everywhere has popped up...we can be on to something here. Just a thought!

Occupy North Park- Action at the BofA! 1pm Tuesday


If you plan on taking your money out here are a few guidelines:

1. you need to get another location set up for your money (CREDIT UNION!)
2. You can ONLY liquidize your funds, meaning you can only take it out in cash
3. once you have started a credit union account, you need to write a check to yourself of the funds you have in your accounts.
4. You can leave a cent or a dollar for symbolism when you arrive to close your accounts
5. That way you can get your money out safely without worrying about lots of money in cash

I already took my money out of BofA and put it into USE credit union, but good luck!!

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This is all great! No matter how or when people take their money away from big banks the ultimate point is to get on it!

I would suggest however for a future action that we take pieces from everyone in this thread and get input from other sources as well to come up with a flyer or some other form of communication to hand to those we are talking to at banks and just to leave around 'town'. I would assume there are other similar actions in other cities that would have helpful advice. We could list some facts with sources and instructions (such as was begun above) for people to use as a guide in their own action. I think this is an excellent action that a multitude of people can participate in and is directly in line with what many want to accomplish along the lines of occupying wall street (in lower case on purpose).

I am not able to spearhead something of this nature at present but am happy to help whoever feels as though they can take it on. I know there is at least one other action taking place that I saw on FB (Bank Transfer Day Nov. 5th), perhaps it would make the most sense to 'partner' with these folks and others?

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Rocky Neptun

For many years I have had an business account with Bank of America, which makes managing my two small businesses on both sides of the border (landscaping in San Diego, Internet Cafe in Tijuana) a lot easier. They really pamper business accounts.

I have justified this by only keeping enough funds for operating needs, while all my savings are held at Self-Help Credit Union, which makes 100% of its loans to low-income and people of color borrowers.

I will transfer my business account soon, but I would hope that all of us BofA fools get together on a certain day, say in December or the first open day of the New Year, and quit funding this monster of greed and exploitation en masse. This would be far more effective than just us individuals doing it one by one, so only the clerk or, perhaps, the manager, knows what's going on.

We could flyer in front of the bank for weeks and e-mail all our friends to join us on the designated day. That would give us time to prepare for an effective "rush" on the bank. What do you think? Someone willing to take this on?

Rocky Neptun

p.s. The North Park branch of BofA is my bank and I have several friends who work there; some of which may be let go in BofA's announced slashing of 30,000 jobs to stash more millions in the hands of CEO's and Wall Street gamblers.

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sd indymedia volunteer

thanks for posting this event on sd indymedia!

sorry we werent able to make it prominent before the event - we are still working a lot on fixing little probs with the new web site - but if someone who went can write a description/post some pics, we can move that to a prominent place on the web site (feature or highlighted content).

thanks for organizing events like this!
san diego indymedia volunteer

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When it comes to comparing banks to credit unions, we should not only examine their relationships with consumers, but also with merchants. As far as the latter is concerned, a strong argument can be made that in the post-Durbin world banks, big and small, are now much more merchant-friendly than credit unions.

See, credit unions were exempted from the Durbin Amendment and as a result the fees they charge retailers accepting their debit cards are now much higher (83%, to be exact) than what banks charge. http://blog.unibulmerchantservices.com/credit-unions-muscle-in-on-big-ba...

So we should not be losing sight of the issue that got the whole thing started – the size of the debit interchange fees. It seems to me that the issue is a very simple one. If a fee charged by one bank to a merchant is considered too high, it should also be considered too high if any other bank, or a credit union, charges it to that retailer. I just can't see it any other way and I can guarantee you that merchants see it exactly the way I do.