Dear Occupiers: A Letter From Anarchists


CrimethInc. Ex Workers' Collective writes: Support and solidarity! We’re inspired by the occupations on Wall Street and elsewhere around the country. Finally, people are taking to the streets again! The momentum around these actions has the potential to reinvigorate protest and resistance in this country. We hope these occupations will increase both in numbers and in substance, and we’ll do our best to contribute to that.

Why should you listen to us? We’ve spent decades struggling against capitalism, organizing occupations, and making decisions by consensus... We’ve summarized some of our hard-won lessons here.

Occupation is nothing new... The “99%” is not one social body, but many... It’s a mistake to whitewash over our diversity... The problem isn’t just a few “bad apples.”... Police can’t be trusted... Don’t fetishize obedience to the law... Criticism and debate propel a movement forward, but power grabs cripple it... Don’t assume those who break the law or confront police are agents provocateurs... No government—that is to say, no centralized power—will ever willingly put the needs of common people before the needs of the powerful... The occupations will thrive on the actions we take. --Read More--