Donna Zoll's Occupy San Diego Documentation Set

Donna Zoll

I took these 566 photos and 15 videos on Friday 7 October 2011 in San Diego, California during the Occupy San Diego march. The web link takes you to my photo set on Flickr. As you can see for yourself the images represent thoughtful caring people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone to stand for what they want. The images and videos in no way represent a mob.

The video clip attached her was taken while the people were gathering. Listen for the child asking her mother why they are there. My answer to that child is "we want more money, to buy more stuff." That stuff might be healthcare, food, housing, clothing, education, a family vacation, or any number of offerings our abundant world provides. We innately know there is enough and that it is unhealthy and illogical to deny communities access to having enough.

"We want more money, to buy more stuff"

The Welcome Committee

Everyday People

One is not equal to Nintly-nine

Quality of Life

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Re: Donna Zoll's Occupy San Diego Documentation Set

sd indymedia volunteer

hey Donna:

thanks for taking such an awesome set of fantastic photos and posting a bunch here. we already found your photos on the web and included a link in our top story.

we are having a small problem with video that makes videos not in mp4 format not play correctly. we are tracking it down and will fix it in the next few days, but in the meantime we are manually converting videos to mp4 - we did that for your clip, but it should be automatic soon.

Note that i hid the second, duplicate version of your post. Sorry about the prob with the video, but we are working on it!

thanks again!
brad, a san diego indymedia volunteer

Re: Donna Zoll's Occupy San Diego Documentation Set


Hi there Brad,

You are welcome. Thanks a lot for fixing the postings. Please feel free to delete that duplicate post; user error. :) My computer was grinding away and I didn't know if it was posting, so I hit save again. Now I know.

Thank you!