Voices from the Occupation [Dispatch x02]


Voices from the Occupation [Dispatch x02]

For this dispatch from the occupation of Children's Park in downtown San Diego we hear from Sean, a recent UC Santa Cruz graduate. We spotted him setting up camp during the festive activities of Occupy San Diego's first evening.

"Those who live in poverty, [the financial crisis] has always been hitting them. Part of the problem is we don't see poverty as a form of violence. And it is violence, it's violence against those who live within poverty," said Sean.

Tuition fees continued to increase during Sean's undergrad studies at San Diego City College. He remembers fellow students, who despite working on top of their studies, struggled to afford food for themselves.

Believing that the rest of the world thinks that Americans are "finally waking up", Sean said that the institutions that shape financial markets have been disingenuous with promises to aid developing nations and Americans have lost protections and rights in the process.

"The rest of the world is really hoping that we can get through this and make some change," said Sean.

Occupy San Diego is part of the national Occupy Wall Street campaign that has seen occupations spread to over a dozen major cities in the United States.

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