Voices from the Occupation [Dispatch x03]


Voices from the Occupation [Dispatch x03]

For this dispatch from the occupation of Children's Park in downtown San Diego we hear from Pam, who we found picketing the park with her sign that read, "My 87 year old mother and her 4 housemates forced from their board and care home by foreclosure."

Sixty days to vacate the property is the notice Pam's mother, who suffers from dementia, received from the bank.

Four caregivers are employed by the board and care facility that Pam's mother and three others call home. They are now being evicted because the property is being foreclosed upon.

"She [Pam's mother] needs a lot of care and it's not easy to find a good place, but I found a good place," said Pam, referring to the board and care home.

The main caregiver is also the property owner. He's a great guy, said Pam, but he's losing the house.

Trying to save the home Pam contacted her council person, Todd Gloria, and filed a complaint to Susan Davis.

I'm trying everything I can think of, said Pam, but I don't know what is going to happen. The foreclosure is already in process and it's hard to go backwards.

Occupy San Diego is part of the national Occupy Wall Street campaign that has seen occupations spread to over a dozen major cities in the United States.

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