Occupy San Diego Civic Center Breaking News for 10.13.11 6pm to 10.14.11 8:20am

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Breaking News for 10.13.11 6pm to 10.14.11 8:20am

A dispersal notice has been given by the San Diego Police to Occupy San Diego to evacuate the Civic Center by 12 midnight. Occupy San Diego has sent out a communiqué asking for help to resist San Diego Police's eviction and to remain occupying the Civic Center plaza. Anyone available is asked to show up at the Civic Center immediately to show support.

About 60 people have said they are going to stay at the civic center despite the dispersal order. Protesters have said that: This movement is about occupying space, standing up for our rights. We are being asked to leave so business can go on as usual. We are not going to let that happen. So please come down to the Civic Center before midnight to support us.

Update 8:15am: All tents taken, two arrests total.

Update 8:07am: Occupanistas staying strong with locked arms. Cops continuing to take tents, canopies, apparently no additional arrests

Update 7:52am: Cops taking tents, occupanistas chanting Peaceful Protests, No Arrests! Singing Solidarity Forever, Occupation Makes Us Strong!

Update: 7:40am Cops strategizing, waiting for reinforcements (?). It took 10-15 cops to arrest one occupanista! Chanting Occupy! Occupy! Occupy! We have common interests, you should join this protest!

Update 7:25am: Cops arresting protesters with locked arms around tents. Numerous video cameras and live feed documenting. One arrest.

Update 6:58am: Cops are massing to arrest protesters in San Diego. Approx 200 people, about 100 appear ready to be arrested.

Update 6am: New deadlines in San Diego (7am) and New York (delayed, unspecified) as occupanistas stay strong in face of threatened cop repression.
Seattle: 10 arrests, Occupation continues at new site
Denver: Camp dismantled.
New Occupy San Diego Web site: http://occupy-sd.org/

Update 140am: Reports of cops staging in the area, including boyd. Occupanistas requesting hot food and drinks.

Update 1230am: Asking people to text friends, family to come down and support.

Update 1220am: Estimated 500 people at Civic Center, 5 cops. At least 100 willing to get arrested.

Update 10:40pm: Numbers have dwindled to 200 at the Civic Center, with perhaps 100 planning to get arrested. Still calls for more support, either people who can get arrested or folks who can support without getting arrested.

11:30pm: Many occupations are being evicted now or soon (coordination?): Seattle (now), Chicago (now)*, New York (morning), Denver (soon), San Diego (soon), Boston (tue, 141 arrests)
*corporate web site that mines data.

Parts of the camp have moved to Balboa Park and the USS Midway park. A bunch of people currently are on a march snaking through downtown (as of 10pm). [returned to Civic Center around 10:20pm]