Occupy San Diego Voices - Vids Three and Four

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here is what Amir and Zachary had to say about Occupy San Diego...

Three: 9 minutes 53 seconds / 62 Mbytes
"I am a graduate student and I would love to do social work at any level, international level, local level. The first thing that goes in a financial crisis is programs, the needs of the marginalized people. I know that unless we make a stand, the international aid is going to get cut, the local, social programs are going to get cut, education, which i am not finished with my masters yet, is going to get cut, and we are all going to get affected....If you have your house paid off you still have a moral responsibility, in my view, to come out in solidarity with other people who are not as lucky."

"I read the union tribune article, they are skeptical, in a way I am happy the union tribune covered it, because they don't usually cover any demonstrations in San Diego. They underestimated the number people, they went to the police and didn't come to us... [In the corporate media] the content is the commercial, the filler is what is going on. That tells us what is the purpose of media, to try to get you interested. Instead of having a critical perspective, instead of having something that might run around and around, and there would be debates... they had to make it like sports. If you look at Hillary Clinton and Obama coverage in the South, it was like do the Southerners hate the women more than the blacks, its like that, not well what do they have to offer?" This is why i like this [occupysd], because I can talk to Libertarians. We can have a philosophical, ideological discussion, and ideological discussion - in the way the media portrays it is basically fist fights, which it is not.

"We have something called the General Assembly over here. I have heard about it before but never participated in it. Its basically rule by consensus. I want something like this to be instituted in neighborhoods. I want neighborhood run cities, city run states, and state run countries. For me personally this experience has been very enriching..."

Four: 4 minutes 52 seconds / 39 Mbytes
"We have people in our state who have to sleep in our parks every day who have no food, who have to rummage and beg for money, for everything, and no one else can contribute. The rich people play me-ism very well. It is not 'here, let me share what i have with you.' It is 'this is mine, this is mine, now stay away.' It is sad that this is what people have come to."

"CNN, or The Daily Show, half of the good stuff that we put out there as a human trying to speak to another human being as a brother that we are supposed to be, as brothers and sisters that we are supposed to be. We are getting cut out and told these lies. People think we are throwing these protests to cause fights and break shit and damage things. Yet we are here just to spread our word."

"I want people to know that there are people out there that want to make a change and want to do the right thing. There are people out there that can shake your hand and its not just a greed thing."

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