Occupy San Diego Voices - Vids Five and Six

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here is what Michael and Person #6 had to say about Occupy San Diego...

Five: 8 minutes 54 seconds / 61 Mbytes
"Because of the budget cuts the government has done, there are less grants for me to go to college. They recently just closed the summer program for city college and raised the tuition per unit which is really depressing because you want to encourage people to go to school and want them to actually focus on getting a proper education so they can get a job. But that nots happening because of these budget cuts. The corporate people are just not willing to help to make a difference. Its just upsetting because I want to make a future for myself and also for the children. But it makes it so much more difficult when the federal government doesn't really make an assertive change... For every second and every minute that they spend coming up with these ideas or sitting in an office and just delegating, there's one more person who becomes homeless, one person is not getting a job, one more person is losing an opportunity for an education."

"The 99% for me what it means is saying that the 99%, we are the power, we are the power, we are actually the representatives of this country. We have the bigger voice. We can implement change. Because throughout history, change did not happen naturally: civil rights movements, unemployment during the depression. Change did not happen, rights did not come about, certain amendments did not come about, if nobody implemented the change. Sometimes these kinds of changes require protest, we are doing a very peaceful protest."

"The unfortunate circumstances with the media, the bigger media, not the independent media, they cant seem to project us in a proper light. They keep projecting us in a very evil way. We are doing this in a very peaceful process, and its not being presented that way... The media plays a big part on how people in their homes view us and if the media is not willing to cooperate and show us in an honest light, [instead] try to fabricate it, it causes the public to turn back on us. And we don't want that because we are doing this for them as much as we are doing it for ourselves."

Six: 1 minutes 52 seconds / 15 Mbytes
Person #6
"The 99% of people we can't afford a lobbyist in Washington so we don't have a voice. Corporations can enforce legislation that will benefit them all they want through their lobbying."
"I would like to see an audit of the Federal Reserve. I would like to see indictments of whoever is at fault. I would like to see Fort Knox opened."
"I think people are being manipulated by mass media. They depend too much on what is familiar to them, things like Fox News, CNN, even KUSI... They're bought too. Corporations own them as well. So of course they are going to skew opinions that are going to benefit their politics and their companies."
"Wake up America, its time to wake up... Start remembering your history, because it is repeating itself."

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