Voices from the Occupation


During the first weekend of Occupy San Diego, a local movement in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, a number of interviews were conducted to help document the voices of the broad range of folks who are participating. Here are some of those voices.

Julie: "I am of the working class. I support myself, my parents don't... CEOs of major corporations are making 400 times what I am. Two of my really good friends lost their jobs in the last two days. So there's less people doing more work while their bosses are getting fat pay checks. Its not ok, that's not right."
Sean: "Those who live in poverty, [the financial crisis] has always been hitting them. Part of the problem is we don't see poverty as a form of violence. And it is violence, it's violence against those who live within poverty...The rest of the world is really hoping that we can get through this and make some change."
Pam: "My 87 year old mother and her 4 housemates [were] forced from their board and care home by foreclosure... I'm trying everything I can think of, but I don't know what is going to happen. The foreclosure is already in process and it's hard to go backwards."
Kayla: "Because of this corporate greed that has been occurring for a long time a lot of veterans like myself are on a huge waiting list within the veterans administration in order to receive our benefits. There are at least 34,000 veterans who are backed up. I submitted my claim in 2004 and I'm still waiting. And it's because of budget cuts while they are increasing the budget to wage war."
Michael: "The unfortunate circumstances with the media, the bigger media, not the independent media, they can't seem to project us in a proper light. They keep projecting us in a very evil way. We are doing this in a very peaceful process, and its not being presented that way."
Tory: "The concept of the 99% is basically the working class, the middle class, the lower class, the majority of the country, the majority of what keeps this country running in many ways that the upper class just tends to forget, because they are in their own world... The 99% means to me that we are the breaking back of America."
Amir: "We have something called the General Assembly over here. I have heard about it before but never participated in it. It's basically rule by consensus. I want something like this to be instituted in neighborhoods. I want neighborhood run cities, city run states, and state run countries."
Zachary: "We have people in our state who have to sleep in our parks every day who have no food, who have to rummage and beg for money, for everything, and no one else can contribute. The rich people play me-ism very well. It is not 'here, let me share what i have with you.' It is 'this is mine, this is mine, now stay away.'"
"Wake up America, its time to wake up... Start remembering your history, because it is repeating itself."

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