U.S. Election 2012- Stewart Alexander: Occupy Wall Street Could Extend Past 2015

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U.S. Presidential Nominee Alexander wants Cindy Sheehan to head his OWS Council

Stewart Alexander for President
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Less than a week after receiving the U.S. presidential nomination for the Socialist Party USA, Stewart Alexander is pledging to support the Occupy Wall Street protests into 2012, to the White House and beyond. Alexander says “this is a workers movement with long term ramifications.”

It has been a month since a few hundred activists gathered for a protest on Wall Street, originally a protest against social and economic inequity, corporate greed and the influence of corporate money in government; now the Occupy Wall Street movement has become much bigger in scope and has spread worldwide. Presently, Occupy Wall Street is in more than 250 U.S. cities.

There are many fundamental issues contributing to the rapid expansion of OWS and Alexander says many of these issues will not be resolved by Election Day 2012. Alexander says “The economy is the number one issue in America today. The nation is in a deepening recession and there has been no recovery for Main Street. Millions of Americans are living from check to check or the checks have run-out.”

President Barack Obama has been in office for 33 months and the U.S. unemployment rate stands at 9.1 percent. President Obama has had more than $3 trillion to stimulate the economy; however, 22 million Americans are still unemployed. More than 60 million Americans are trying to survive on low paying jobs. Millions of seniors are living on a poverty income.

Since the “official” beginning of the recession in 2008, millions of working people are still losing their homes to foreclosure and the housing market has failed to bounce back. Millions of homeowners are also face with the threat of declining wages and a weak jobs market.

All the demands of the Occupy Wall Street movement have not been clearly defined; however, there are several core demands of this movement:

First: End the collusion between government and large corporations and banks

Second: Investigate Wall Street and hold senior executives accountable for the destruction of wealth that has devastated millions of people

Third: Return the power of coining money to the U.S. Treasury

Forth: Eliminate “Personhood” legal status of corporations

Fifth: Repeal the Patriot Act, end the war on drugs and protect civil liberties

Sixth: End the imperial wars of aggression, bring the troops home from all countries and cut the military budget

Alexander says he joins the Socialist Party USA calling for all financial and insurance institutions to be socially owned and operated by a democratically-controlled national banking authority. As president, Alexander says he would work toward establishing a North American Banking Authority to include all North American countries.

To clearly define the needs of working people and to establish a new social and economic order, Stewart Alexander says he would commission an OWS Council. The OWS Council would be comprised of thousands of working people from local communities, states and throughout the nation. Alexander emphasized his choice to head this national council would be peace activist Cindy Sheehan. Alexander says, “It is my hope that the Occupy Wall Street movement and the OWS Council will help establish true democracy in America.”

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