Letter to Occupy San Diego on Your Plea for Help at the OB Rag Website

Rocky Neptun

Regarding the plea for help article at the OB Rag website, did you San Diego Freedom Occupiers think it was going to be easy to openly challege wealth and power in this city?

As a former elected member of city government - mid-city planning board - I write in my forthcoming book, San Diego: 1st City of Empire, about how we are ruled by the most oligarchic elite in the nation.

Wealth and power will not blink at your honesty, they will not listen to your truth nor fail to attack your bravery.

You cannot butt heads with the establishment, who control the cops and the courts, without getting brusied, much less, win a measure of fair treatment. I know several of the more liberal City Councilpersons personally, to whom you suggest we plea for your Constitutional rights of free speech and assembly, but it is election time and like all politicians, they will turn a deaf ear to your message so that corporate campaign donations will continue to flow into their pockets.

While I am intoxicated by your spontaneity and instinct driven movement; I think, soberly, that it may be time to regroup and develop some semblance of strategy. San Diego is not New York, where there are tens of thousands of supporters to watch your back. Progressives, peaceniks and power liberals in San Diego will, for the most part, march, carry signs, write letters but when push comes to shove, when their comfort zones are breached or their security threatened, they will abandon you – or any youth or people of color movement who rock the boat.

My suggestion is to get very creative. Give the night to the power establishment and their blue attack dogs, for now, and sleep in bunches here and there - in the canyons, the riverbed, at churches, private yards or downtown with the homeless. Then, each morning, bring your “moveable” space, your liberated zones, in front of council meetings, mayoral debates, college and university events, fundraising parties of CEO’s and other economic tyrants, sports events, on and on…………

The oligarchy in this city will not allow you to create an “alternative village” in their midst; which as we all know - and they know full-well, would attract tens of thousands of local youth who are angry over their victimization by a system of greed and exploitation.

Get donations, rent a warehouse; then, create a moveable encampment; do whatever is needed; but please, dear God, don’t go away. All of us old codgers and, increasingly, many young folks, need you to liberate us from the evil American Empire as well as our own fear-forged chains.

The Mayan people have a saying, “you make the path by walking.” Help us all make that first step. Thanks.

Re: Letter to Occupy San Diego on Your Plea for Help at the OB Rag Website


As the different occupy encampments are being attacked by the police this letter is a great wake up call. There are a lot of voices speaking up, condemning the actions of the police and I am one of them. But let me make one thing clear to those who say that what happened at Oakland recently was not an eviction and was brutality - which I agree with - THIS WAS AN EVICTION. In the best explanation possible I can only echo Rocky: when the police, thugs, courts, state apparatus etc. come to detain, arrest, evict or whatever they may do - expect that this is what it will look like. Those of you wanting to sign petitions, chant in the street, take over city council meetings, yell at politicians, scream at the police, clown a CEO, go on a hunger strike - no matter how passive you are - THEY WILL HURT YOU. They will not hold your hand and guide you safely away. THEY WILL HURT YOU no matter how non-violent you are. They protect one thing and one thing only: business as usual. Police brutality is business as usual. My advice: don't bring a knife to a gun fight (figuratively speaking) and come prepared.