50 Arrested at Occupy SD


While the media slept San Diego police made their move to the clear the downtown occupation.

Announcing the occupation as an "illegal gathering", with batons and helmets, over 100 San Diego police officers violently cleared the civic plaza of the protesters. Physical attacks have been reported by the protesters and at least 50 arrests have been reported by San Diego police.

The Occupy San Diego media team was among the arrested.

The San Diego police have set up a blockade at the civic center plaza.

The remaining free protesters have announced plans to regroup at another location and will attempt to occupy the civic plaza again.

Solidarity march tonight 7pm. --Read More--

Reposted from Occupy San Diego:
There were several people beaten by the police today as well as over a dozen arrested at Occupy SD. Chief of Police Landsdowne was seen laughing and smirking behind a line of 300 cops with batons while occupiers were being beaten assaulted by the police on his direct order. Please call the Mayor and Chief of Police Landsdowne and tell them that infringing on people's freedom of speech and assembly by beating and assaulting peaceful protesters is inhumane. San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders: (619) 236-6330 and SDPD Chief William Lansdowne (619) 531-2777

If you know anyone arrested tonight, please call Tahra @ (619) 540-1594. Legal Team will need first/last name and DOB to liberate them quickly so that we may continue Occupying!

Reposted from social media:
Please document all arrests and acts of brutality/rights violations by the police. Badge numbers by themselves do not identify officers; get their names instead - those are displayed on the other side. Please send all documentation, including hand-written notes, to yoadriane@gmail.com and I'll get it to people's lawyers. Please feel free to call me again if you I haven't gotten back to you. Like I've posted before, I can't understand the numbers left in most of the voicemails I've gotten, but I'm awake now.

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