San Diego Independent Media Center Editorial Policies

San Diego Indymedia's website is intended as a space for the reporting, recording and archiving of stories concerning social justice activism, art and community, and the promotion of events related to these activities. The San Diego Independent Media Center is a noncommercial, anti-commercial organization. Posts that advertise commercial products or outlets overtly or incidentally or posts that are otherwise incompatible with SDIMC's mission in any way will be hidden or removed.

San Diego Indymedia's website is a safe space for all who have experienced oppression. Posts that contain language or content that demeans or in any way denigrates oppressed peoples or individuals, including but not limited to use of *llegal to refer to undocumented people, ethnic pejoratives, or disrespectful language regarding womyn, queers, alternatively abled folk, youth or elders, will be hidden or removed.

The SDIMC website is intended for the posting of original material. Posts that contain a summary of an article and then a link to the remainder of the article on another website will be hidden or removed. Posts that contain links to commercial websites, such as the new york times, myspace or youtube, except when those links are incidental, will be hidden or removed. Photos, audio, video and other original content should be uploaded directly to the San Diego Indymedia website.

Whereas numerous powerful individuals commit heinous acts for which they are never called to account, the SDIMC website is not the place to call for acts of retribution. Posts which contain calls or threats of specific acts of violence or the targeting of specific individuals will be removed from the website as soon as possible after editors become aware of them. Posts concerning personal disputes, unless those disputes have significance to a struggle or a community, will be hidden or removed.

Posts from people who repeatedly violate SDIMC's editorial policies will be automatically hidden or removed, regardless of content.

All content on San Diego Indymedia's website is licensed with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. Folks who post to San Diego Indymedia are responsible for making certain that they have permission to upload their content under these terms.

San Diego Indymedia does not record the IP addresses or other identifying information about visitors to the website. Our servers do not contain any identifying information about people who post to the website, except information that is publicly viewable by visiting the website.

SDIMC website editors, who are members of the San Diego Indymedia Collective, review content that is posted to the website. Editors classify newswire posts as Local (referring to a topic with a strong local connection and one that is significant to social justice activism in the region) or Global. Editors can hide a post or remove it from the website based on the criteria summarized above, with the overriding goal of promoting SDIMC's mission. Editors make features from one or more newswire posts to highlight content of broad interest. As much as possible, features will reflect the language of the original post(s), but significant rewriting might occur to create an informative summary. Generally, posts will not be changed by editors, but occasionally a few words might be changed to correct obvious errors, promote clarity or bring an otherwise significant post within SDIMC's editorial policies.

Posts on the SDIMC website can only be edited by editors. If you wish to make a change, please repost to the newswire and send the URLs of the old and new posts to sdindymedia aT riseup D0t net.