(LISTEN) Notice to Disperse Follow-up Interview (LISTEN)


In an unedited interview - a woman named Anna tells San Diego Indymedia an update on the night of the notice of dispersal and the following morning. //////LISTEN.

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Re: (LISTEN) Notice to Disperse Follow-up Interview (LISTEN)


You guys are so stupid, you think the Cops are the enemy, which is exactly what the Big Banks want you to think. You aren't organized, you have no leadership and half of you don't even know what you are protesting. Whether you like them or not take a look at what the TEA party is doing. If you were to follow the same path you too could make Corporate America stop what it's doing and pay attention to what you want. Or you can keep playing these silly games with the police and accomplish nothing. Wake up!!! Do you really think the police want to be out there dealing with you....trust me they don't whether you like it or not the police are part of the 99% and for the most part support you. In case you have forgotten the real enemy is CHASE BANK, BANK OF AMERICA, WELL FARGO BANK, COUNTRYWIDE MORTGAGE ECT.,ECT.,ECT.
No cop foreclosed on your house, no cop took your job away, and no cop is preventing you from obtaining a loan for your business.
Wake up people don't be stupid, take your money out of the Big banks, use Credit unions. Don't do business with these people. Organize into a political faction and make your voices really be heard.