Breaking News for Occupy Oakland 11.02-03.11

sdindymedia volunteer

Occupy Oakland call for a General Strike and Mass Day of Action on Wednesday, November 2.
Update 6pm: Indybay reports 20,000+ protesters marching to Port of Oakland, which has been shut down, and thruout Oakland, Bay Bridge Occupied, Banks, Whole Foods Vandalized
Update 1am: According to Indybay, swaths of the city and at least one building liberated. Riot pigs massing and attacking neat Oscar Grant Plaza with tear gas, rubber bullets, flash-bangs. Port remains shut down with intent to keep it closed for 24 hours.
Update 2am: Cops attacking folks at Oscar Grant Plaza, possibly clearing encampment.
Update 430am: Over 100 arrested, camp still intact, calls for support for the port blockade, huge pig presence.