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Reportback from The Co-Optation of Hip Hop: Performances


On January 7, the All Peoples Revolutionary Front hosted The Co-Optation of Hip Hop at Lincoln High School's Black Box Theater. This video shows clips of four of the performances during the evening. Awesome BBoy/BGirl performances by Lil Moose and a family were not filmed.

73mbytes 28:26

Performer Bios:

She began rapping at the age of 14. Growing up her brother was always rapping and singing and producing his music 24/7. She wanted to follow in his footsteps and hopefully be as good as her big brother. She is working to make that dream a reality.

DJ Innate
DJ Innate is a San Diego based turntablist and hip hop producer. Innate first began on the decks at the young age of 13, owing a lot of his sources of knowledge to youtube. Growing up in the suburbs, hip hop was not out on the streets, and in fact was rarely seen in his side of town. With the internet at hand, he was fascinated by the great DJ Qbert, and DIY videos, Q&A sessions of countless numbers of DJs, beat making videos, interviews and live shows.

Rocky R3y
Rocky R3y was a third generation artist following in the footsteps of his late grandfather and his father who was a traveling musician. Rocky has gained recognition as one half of the hip hop group Intricate based out of San Diego, California. Rocky has made recurring appearances in many Filipino festivals in Southern California with hopes of becoming recognized in the Filipino Community and San Diego, with his first debut album "The Reflection" due near the end of 2011. Rocky has dedicated his music to the message of unity, self-empowerment, social change, and the struggles of being a Filipino-American in the southeastern division of San Diego.

Lily Prijoles
Lily has moved back from and back to San Diego In her absence she found herself and voice for the Filipino American community. She started her storytelling passion with filmmaking until she collided with fellow performance poets with the group Eighth Wonder, based out of the bay area. She currently works with educational program KAMP. She is taking a quick break from being a retired performer for this event.

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