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Next Generation Climate Justice Action Camp Aug 4-8, 2015

Matt Landon

The camp will be from August 4-8, 2015! The Location will be at the Emigrant Lake campground near Ashland, Oregon for campers age 13 to 19. The Camp registration fee is $150.00, but no one will be turned away if they can’t afford the fee meaning scholarships are available. Transportation assistance will be available and vans will be running from at least Portland and Eugene, Oregon and northern California.

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What is the Next Generation Climate Justice Action Camp?

The Next Generation Climate Justice Action Camp (NGCJAC) is a five day action camp to empower youth by providing age-appropriate training and mentoring. The workshops, trainings, and activities will provide a group of approximately 50 young activists with the tools and underlying information that they need in order to properly engage in systemic climate justice organizing with a cross-movement emphasis. Teens will come together to form alliances, learn from experienced mentors and frontline organizers, and gain skills in a dedicated setting.

What skills and workshops will be offered?

Right now we will be offering trainings on campaign organizing, media skills, demonstration planning, know your rights trainings, art for activism, drumming for demonstrations, intersectionality, cultural sensitivity and more! We are still working on content, if you have of specific trainings you would like to see, or if you have any skills to share, let us know! All of the workshops and trainings will be integrated into the youth-led off site “event” that will take place on August 7, 2015.

What do I need to bring?

Below is a suggested packing list, if you don’t have some of the items, contact us and we can try to find extras!
Blank shirt for screen printing
Notebook and pen
Mess kit – personal plate, utensils, cup and mug
Tent with a rain fly
Sleeping pad and pillow
Water bottle
Bug repellent
Your toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush)
Any medications you need
Extra socks and underwear
Clothes for hot weather including swimsuit
Warm non-cotton clothing layers (fleece/wool)
Rain Jacket
Any snacks or comfort food you like

Optional items

Camping chairs
Musical instruments
Frisbee, Hackysack, Football, Soccer Ball or Volleyball
Camera (make sure to ask permission before taking pictures of people!)

Do not bring

Drugs or alcohol
Pets (service animals permitted)
Anything of value (we are not responsible for lost or stolen items)

Further Questions please call or email us,, 541-687-9180

Register here--

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