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conceptual art-inspired performance piece


This is a brave and provocative conceptual art-inspired performance piece.

Political art that is also experimental can be challenging for a general audience as well as for activists. One might ask "What makes going to the post office art?" The strength of this performance is that it accurately describes the frustration of those of us who deal with pain/distress (whether physical or mental health-related depression) and have to interface with doctors, insurance companies and hospitals. Conceptual, Fluxus and performance artists often blur the distinction between art and everyday life. Yoko Ono is one of the most well-known conceptual artists.

What makes this piece "art" and more specifically "political art" (experimental political art) is that it invites the audience to participate in an action. The action is a form of resistance to an increasingly byzantine healthcare system.

The piece poses several interesting questions for Indymedia. If a healthcare provider's real name is used, could there be legal consequences? Should the artist reveal whether or not the name is real? Many conceptual artists do not make the fiction/real distinction clear.

How should this kind of work be presented in an online context? In online art exhibitions as part of a group of works? This might allow the Indymedia audience to have a deeper understanding of the context for experimental political art. This artist might expand on this piece by including it a one person exhibition (possibly in an alternative space/community gallery) or in a group show with similarly-themed work (or work by conceptually-oriented artists).

In future presentations of this piece, an artist's statement might provide more context for the non-art school trained audience and those unfamiliar with the genre. The tortured language of the piece (a combination of the discourse of law and obsession) is unnerving and powerful.

The legal community (especially the part of that community concerned with social justice and ethics) is another possible audience for this kind of work. One can only hope that healthcare providers might also form part of a potential audience.

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