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Re: marketing and branding are evil


well i guess i don't understand what specifically you mean by capitalism.

capitalism by my understanding is an economic system in which the means of production are privately owned, instead of democratically shared by the people. what i see happening when enterprises fully embrace this model is that those with privilege, be it social or economic, the means of production is in control of few hands while the majority of less privileged are exploited for their gain.

cooperatives, specifically worker cooperatives, are enterprises in which the means of production are shared democratically amongst the workers. all wealth that is generated can go back into the enterprise or the workers pockets. this tactic has both capitalist and socialist tendencies, but is also neither fully capitalist or socialist. socialist, by my understanding, being an economic system where the government controls the means of production.

i see worker cooperatives as autonomous socialist enterprises, but they vary by individual enterprise and nothing really stops them from being or becoming a shitty business. the ussr, cuba, venezuela, and i'm sure a score of other socialist countries have seen their fair share of shitty socialist businesses and just shitty socialism in general.

i don't know if this helps clarify why anti-capitalists would be interested in this workshop series. i think that is probably why i suggested swinging by and chatting up the organizers. they probably have a better grasp at it than me.

i think people organizing together to find a way to live their lives with purpose without their labor being exploited by those with privilege is pretty fuckin rad and to do that successfully could be revolutionary.

i don't personally agree that marketing and branding are evil capitalist practices. branding an enterprise is basically just naming something. marketing is letting people know that the thing exists. these practices for sure have been used by enterprises in disempowering ways, but i think they would exist in a non-capitalist society.

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