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Re: marketing and branding are evil


Thank you for the reply.

However, branding and marketing are not inocuous terms, but have a history steeped in social engineering directed at manipulating the public to achieve the ends of elites. The term branding originated with the exploitative practice of livestock branding (exploitive to the livestock, indigenous peoples and the environment), but Edward Bernays in the early 20th century did some of the early research on branding and marketing. For example, in one of his experiments, cigarettes were branded as Freedom Torches to market them to women, pinging their interest in women’s rights. Branding cigarettes as Freedom Torches is not just naming them or giving people information, it is playing on people’s emotions to try to get them to do something they would’t otherwise do. If the word evil has any meaning, this strikes me as a pretty good candidate for it.

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