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Re: Stronger Together, Cooperative Equipment Ownership


*Note the change of date for this workshop to Thursday.

Repost follows:
Common Ground Collective, San Diego is looking forward to the third workshop in our ​Stronger Together Co-op ​Workshop Series, which is now scheduled for THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th at 5pm at the Malcolm X Public Library. ​(​**This is a new date but same time and location as previous workshops** Because of the change, please help us get an accurate count for meals and attendance -​​ RSVP by clicking here []! ​)​

The workshop will be a deep dive into the topic of "Cooperative Equipment Ownership." We have designed this one, so that folks can draft an actual equipment sharing agreement. We also will discuss future opportunities to collaborate and build the capacities of small farm and food business operators and co-ops.

Cooperative Equipment
​ Ownership & Sharing
The San Diego Common Ground Collective presents the final workshop in the 2015 summer series of community learning opportunities for small family farmers, food business entrepreneurs, food system innovators and food justice activists. Join us as we explore cooperative and alternative business models that can help San Diegans achieve equity and economic justice in a thriving, sustainable food system.

Thursday, September 24, 2015
5:30 pm to 8pm @ Malcolm X Library

Description: From tractors to walk-ins, ovens to delivery vehicles, cooperative ownership of equipment is an effective way for small businesses to maximize their resources. This workshop will provide examples of how equipment cooperatives have been established and operated successfully and will begin the conversation about participant’s current and future equipment needs.

***Draft Agenda***

​Rosalinda Delgado, Accio​n, Small Business Lender – short presentation about financing for food and farm cooperatives

· Rural Coalition Short Video about the Taos EDC’s “Mobile Matanza Project”

· Deep Dive with California Center for Cooperative Development

o Case studies for 2 equipment sharing models

​(i.e., co-ownership and equitable sharing)​​
o Sharing & Equity – Cost/benefits/fairness analysis and feasibility exercise
o Breakout sessions – food, farm, marketing and distribution groups will discuss specific questions tailored to groups about how to identify the terms of a sharing agreement based on practical conditions (seasonality, planning/scheduling, placement, storage, etc.)

· Common Ground De-Brief
​ ​​&​​ ​Concrete Next Steps for the Small Business Accelerator

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