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Reportback on San Diego Indymedia's Trip to Outta Your Backpack Media

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Two San Diego Independent Media Center representatives recently drove to Flagstaff, Arizona, to deliver 10 mac g5s, 10 monitors, and 9 keyboards to Outta Your Backpack Media, an organization that teaches indigenous youth media skills so they can document the events affecting their communities. The trip was 500 miles each way and we did it in one day.

We met three of OYBM's volunteers and were given a tour of the building on the East Side of Flagstaff shared by OYBM, Indigenous Action Media and the Talla Hooghan Infoshop. We were blown away by the awesome space, which includes an infoshop front room, a kids' room, a radical library (donated books, loaned on honor system), a kitchen, a new accessible bathroom, a new hostel space, a large workshop, a huge performance space, a reception area for OYBM, a computer room, a recording studio, a workshop space, and outdoor raised beds for community gardens.

We had discussions about the challenges facing independent media, especially the impact of corporate social media such as f***book and twitter on organizing and our ability to tell and remember our own stories, and about the struggles in our communities. The struggle over the desecration of the San Francisco Peaks by the Snowbowl ski area was hard on their community, but hearing about the continuing strength of communities of the region engaged in a broad array of resource struggles (including the struggle to clean up abandoned uranium mines and against continuing uranium mining) was inspiring and we feel can be of value to us in SD reflecting on our activism. We also received copies of the excellent zine Accomplices Not Allies, which is available online.

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