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Conference on Labor and Community Solidarity


Last weekend the Coalition For Labor & Community Solidarity (CLCS), a group that started as the labor solidarity committee of Occupy San Diego, hosted their second labor conference at the Lincoln High School campus.

The conference opened with a plenary of the local workers and organizers for the FIGHT FOR $15 campaign that is putting pressure on private sector jobs to raise workers wages and advocating for raising the minimum wage. The city of San Diego has approved a minimum wage increase to $11.50 per hour, but is being challenged before it even goes into effect. It will likely end up on an upcoming ballot. The FIGHT FOR $15 folks encouraged voters of San Diego city to vote to approve it and continue advocating for $15 per hour in San Diego County.

The 2015 conference included 12 workshops with a diversity of issues and their intersections at work: students, faculty, women's rights, racial justice, environmental justice, union history, democratic union building, social justice unionism, and international and regional worker struggles. --Read More (with Audio)--

Event Announcement || Coalition for Labor and Community Solidarity (warning: f***book)

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