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Chicano Park Fundraiser

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Supporters of Chicano Park gathered at a private home in Chula Vista for a fundraiser on Sunday afternoon, March 6. Live music was provided by Mariachi Familiar, three members of the Bill Caballero Quintet, and Chocolate Revolution. DJ Ray spun tunes in between the live acts and entertaining raffle announcements. A delicious pozole, including a vegan version!, was served and some attendees declared that the carrot cake would be talked about for many years. Thousands of dollars were collected, including a generous donation from car-enthusiasts the Amigos, which will be used to support the forty-sixth annual Chicano Park Day celebration.

The day started out with a rare San Diego rainstorm, but warm sunshine predominated by the start of the fundraiser. The canopy covering the stage briefly lifted off the ground. Some observers felt that this was attributable to winds following the passage of the storm, but Chocolate Revolution member David Grant declared that it was evidence of the power of music.

Sound was provided by a coalition from San Diego Indymedia, Colectivo Zapatista and Peace and Dignity Journeys - San Diego.

Mariachi Familiar (WARNING! f***book) || Chocolate Revolution || Chicano Park Day

Mariachi Familiar

Caballero Quintet

Chocolate Revolution

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