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CompArte San Diego July 10-16, 2016


We call on anyone who practices art to contribute rebellious art, resistant against capitalism, to CompArte San Diego during the week of July 10-16, 2016. Capitalism uses exploitation, displacement, repression, and disdain to attack us. CompArte San Diego is the local version, here on Kumiai land, of the Zapatista Festival and Sharing Exchange ‘CompArte for Humanity.' The location for CompArte San Diego is the streets of our barrios, classrooms, gathering places, anywhere we claim as our communities.

The Zapatista ‘CompArte for Humanity’ is a gathering in Chiapas of artists from all over the world for a two week festival (July 17-30) to use creative art to challenge capitalism and to provoke critical thought leading to action.

As of March 16, 2016, artists registered for the festival will share, “rap, poetry, visual arts, contemporary dance, painting, engraving, literature and stories, theater, puppets, embroidery, iron work, silk-screening, photography, documentaries, cinema, sculpture, ceramics, short films, illustration, reggae, rock, graffiti, gastronomy, aerial dance, murals, music, music, and more music.” (

For Zapatismo, an artist is “anyone who considers their activity as art, independent of canons, art critics, museums, wikipedias, and any other ‘specialist’ schemas that classify (that is, exclude) human activities.” (

To participate in CompArte San Diego:
--However/wherever you or your group or collective practice rebellious art between the week of July 10-16, document the art and upload the images, audio and/or video to
--To upload your art, click on “Publish to the Newswire,” and title your post “CompArte San Diego.” Then follow instructions to complete your post. Contact if probs.
--Sexta San Diego volunteers will compile the images, audio and videos and post the compilation video to

For Rebellion and Resistance,
Sexta San Diego
Email us at

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