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Sexta Semillero: Daniela Fernandez

San Diego Indymedia Volunteer

Daniela Fernandez

I am a student in international relations at UABC and user of social media. When I was born I was awarded a feminine gender. 2 years before I was very different, I had many phobias, I always resorted to revolutionary methods but I never saw it in the personal. When I was a girl I played with dolls, I was going to get married and have children, until I discovered that when I wanted to adapt to that role play I was never enough: pretty, good, feminine.

One day I wore my boyfriend’s cloths and it felt good, I thought that those clothes were for me, and to have short hair makes me feel attractive and happy.

All things that society demands of us I had not questioned, for example love, I learned that its forever, possessive, to give it all.

Now I know there are other ways to love, free and with respect, without labels. It’s difficult, and sometimes I cheat on myself but that is personal work that I progress on, respect it and accept.

I also oppressed with my prejudice, thinking that people need to me a certain way and if not I would criticize them. I met people and I have learned from things like my period, and I view it in a different way and that has connected me with my body. I don’t get cramps, and I don’t get bothered by it. I understood that it’s not a punishment or a privilege, which is something normal, something that happens. I leaned that if I wanted to fight against the system I had to see how I aggravate myself and others.

I accepted myself, took care of myself, self-healed, understanding myself, and that is recovering something that capitalism has taken away from me. Obtaining power over myself, I am myself now, and that makes me clash with society.

I want to talk about the university and students; I noticed that universities are not places that promote critical thought, but a place of indoctrination. I don’t think the university can give me education, I will finish because it is a family tradition. In part it’s a privilege because it’s a space with a relative freedom; we have to practice our right to question what is being taught to us. My classmates are critical and the classroom is a good space to continue to question and recuperate that space of formation, to meet people, and to do other things.

I participated in the ASO and I was able to have an event on agriculture resistance in Mexico, even though I did not have the support of the school authorities. I will continue to raise my voice at school and later in my job.

I learned from the Zapatistas that don’t need an institution to learn, I simply need to listen to the testimony of the people that are next to you and that is how you learn. Social media can help us understand firsthand what is happening in other parts. The spectator syndrome, to see an assault and not do anything about it. To talk and to do things to unite people. To make political action a daily event.

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