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Sexta Semillero: Yhaira Gonzalez


Yhaira Gonzalez

She starts with a poem about the landscape she views in the morning; she counts the cables that are cutting through the landscape. How much forms of communication. She shares ideas and questions that have been with her throughout her years in the academia. She changes words gender to an e rather than an a or an o. What kind of relationships have we been directed to believe the way we treat each other. How have we been told what culture is and how to love it. How we have a culture of predetermined visualization of gender. How does this affect transgender, and people with both genders if we have been predetermined to look at gender through predetermined ideas. She explains that the government has a system of constitutionalized racism that legitimizes the lack of inclusion of people with both genders and/or a gender other than woman or man.

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semilleroyahaira.mp4 || Yhaira Gonzalez

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