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Semillero of the Adherents of the Sixth Declaration in Tijuana and San Diego


On the weekend of February 13 and 14 of 2016, nineteen presentations were shared focusing on the border region of Southern California and Baja California. A purpose of the Semillero organized by Sexta Tijuana and San Diego was to better know and understand our region to organize ourselves against Colonialism that uses Neoliberalism to try and save Capitalism from destroying itself. Each day consisted of 3 two-hour blocks of presentations. After each block, there was a 30-minute question and answer segment.

We share with community the presentations of those that wanted to share their word. We share 16 videos along with a translated summary for each presentation.

Below is the write-up and purpose of what the semillero of Southern California and Baja California was about:

“Compañer@s, as a part of the activities on the seminar: ‘Critical Thought Versus the Capitalist Hydra,’ accomplished last May of 2015, in Oventik and San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. Specifically regarding the invitation that was made to us to accomplish dislocated (decentralized) seminars all over the planet wherever they can be created, we would like to announce that on the 13th & 14th of February, 2016, in the city of Tijuana, B.C., the seminar ‘Critical Thought in Baja California, Mexico and Southern California, USA Versus the Capitalist Hydra.’

The objectives of this seminar is for us to talk about a reflection that will guide our sight to where it is that the forms of capitalism seem to change in this region, encompassing the economic-political-cultural perimeter that is Tijuana-Los Angeles-San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora and San Quintin, B.C. We want to know what is happening within this perimeter.

For us to reflect about the history of our rebellious and resistant struggles. To come out with conclusions from them and for us to learn about our history; How and why did they begin? And for us to reflect on the genealogy of our struggles.
For us to provoke ideas to know: What is happening to us and why this is happening? And to be able to generate options on how we can change it. Knowing that all of this start from capitalism and its four wheels: Dispossession, Exploitation, Contempt, and Repression, the origins of our pains and our ills.

We want words, thoughts that won’t part from the impossible ‘neutrality’ or ‘objectivity,’ we want thoughts that come from the hearts and bodies that have felt the rage of injustice, that have suffered and are suffering from the ills of this capitalist system, and that at the same time are willing to organize and think: How to abolish it?

Please bring thoughts that will help us continue analyzing, and ears willing to listen to other thoughts and together flourish in rebellion and resistance in this region of the planet to be able to contribute to draw the face of the Capitalist Hydra in the world.

That is all for today but let’s continue with a bigger critical thought, because larger will be the one that we construct.”

That is the main purpose, companer@s, to construct a better tomorrow.

For rebellion and resistance,
Adherentes a la Sexta Tijuana and San Diego

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