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Lead the way SD


Hi, Mark.

This is exactly the type of concern we hoped to unearth in the Lead the Way campaign - I'm glad you have raised these questions.

However, there are some incorrect facts in your recount of Dr. Little's presentation. To begin, the campaign tagline is, "Would you or wouldn't you?" not "I would - would you?" While this might seem to be a small detail, it's indicative of the goal of this campaign - to be unbiased as to whether people actually take a test or answer a survey, which are equally valuable to the project. You see, the goal of this project is not to encourage people to take an HIV test. The goal is simply to get as many answers as possible to the question, "Would you or wouldn't you take an HIV test?" Answering a survey and refusing to take a test is just as valuable as taking a test. They want to compile valuable feedback from people just like yourself so they can understand all of the reasons why people might be unwilling to test.

If you live in the 92103 or 92104 zip codes, I would like to welcome you to come down to the center and complete a survey since you have already answered the "Would you or wouldn't you" question. The knowledge you can share could be incredibly valuable in shaping how HIV tests are administered and/or marketed in the future and I do believe that someone with the depth of knowledge you possess could prove to raise some very interesting questions among this team.

I welcome you to contact me directly if you'd like to discuss this or any other facts that may have been misunderstood.

Danielle, danielle [at], 858-208-9227

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