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Re: Occupy North Park- Action at the BofA! 1pm Tuesday


Can we have this filmed?? I've been thinking about this too, and this would be a great opportunity to bring awareness, participate in direct action, and potentially be a model for other Occupies.

Macro - Make a dent in 4th quarter profits for the big banks (JPMorgan Chase, CitiBank, BoA, Wells Fargo)
Micro - Move individual accounts to community banks/credit unions
Indirect - Create our own media outlet, encourage other occupies to stand in solidarity and remove $ from major banks, PR for Occupy SD and our "fight" against big banks.

There are 6,900 small, locally owned, community banks that controls $1.4 trillion in assets. These smaller banks have $257 billion loans to small businesses and farms. While the four mega banks have $5.4 trillion in assets, they only provide $85 billion to small business and farm loans (YES! Magazine). It's clear that smaller, locally owned banks are much more supportive of community based, local economies and a transition to these banks can help fund community oriented projects & businesses.

- Get 50-100 people (at least) to close their accounts at BoA (Alternative for people who do NOT want to close their accounts is to withdraw money - we need bodies!!)
- Have someone film and document this act. We can have volunteers interview the people in line and ask them why they are doing this? What is the purpose? etc.
- Filming this action allows us to visually share it via IndyMedia, Youtube, Facebook, etc. Hoping this action goes viral and other Occupies can participate at their local banks.
- Film people opening accounts at local banks and credit unions, having volunteers interview them: Why are you doing this? What's the point"
- By creating OUR own media for this direct action, we will be able to tell OUR story, without any bias perceptions from mass media.
- Unintended effects would be to bring awareness to BoA customers that are not already familiar with Occupy. Also, BoA customers can physically SEE our actions, instead of being told what to do - they can observe and begin to think for themselves (we hope...)

It might be naive to think we can make a dent in 4th quarter profits for this year...but if this thing snowballs, the same way Occupy everywhere has popped up...we can be on to something here. Just a thought!

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